An introduction to me and here.

So here I am, quietly typing away at my computer sipping Coka-Cola and listening to soothing music. What now? I guess the reason I started this is as a way to organize my thoughts. Nothing personal, but just curiosities I stumble across and feel the urge to keep recorded, or descriptions of the places I’ve been and will be. The occasional rant. etc.

But what right now? I guess I’ll start out simple. What will follow are descriptions and stories from a couple of the places I’ve been. Mostly from my most recent trip to Europe where I happily backpacked my way through a decent chunk of ye old world, staying in hostels, hotels, bed & breakfast and various other inns. You’ll have to keep in mind this entire trip was limited to what I could see on foot, travelling via Eurorail from one town and city to the next, then walking once I’d gotten to the train station. Only exceptions being London and Paris where the underground was a must, and the various smaller towns I visited which weren’t along the train route and which I had to take a bus to reach.

It’s been about two weeks since I got back from that trip and I figure it’s about time I quit lazing around and finally wrote this all down in more detail so that someday I can look back here for a good idea of what I saw and how I’d felt at the time. Write it all down now before I forget and more importantly, because it’ll be interesting.

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