Gatwick, lovely little gateway to London.

Gatwick airport, a confusing juggernaut of a place where I had the pleasure of being sniffed by dogs while burly men with big guns stared at me like some sort of oddity. Not the best airport I’ve been to, not the worst. Finding your way out of this hive is not quite as easy as it would seem as the whole place is built on either the presumption you have a vehicle available to you or that you intend to travel straight to London, which is what I imagine most people do. Not me however, oh no, after a glorious 9ish hours worth of jet lag and an entire day which I’m still not quite sure whether it counts or not, I’d decided ahead of time to stay in Gatwick and relax some before stomping forward towards magnificent London. This however would prove to not be nearly as easy as I’d presumed it would be.

In time my companion and I would discover the way locals who work at the airport would walk and bike to work in the mornings, but that would come later. First attempts to find a way to the town itself and out of the airport would prove futile as large fences and highways block our way. Even now, looking over Gatwick like some omnipresent being (via the omnipresent google maps) I’ve almost no idea just *how* everything got so turned around. Eventually, admitting defeat on first escape attempts, an expensive cab was taken to where I’d reserved a room for the night. Now to not be so harsh on myself it’s not as though I was functioning on full brain power, I believe a good description of my mental condition after that long, boring, sleepless flight could easily be described as ‘zombielike’ at best, despite my enthusiasm, so I hold myself in high regards for having not simply collapsed at some point after exiting the plane.

Then there’s the town itself. Small, fairly sleepy lil’ place with quaint streets and avenues, nice houses, and what would be nice parks if not for the pretty much ever-present sound of planes, trains and highways that extend outward from the airport linking, for the most part, towards London. Not the most exciting of places to be sure, but all things considered it did exactly what I’d been hoping it would which was to be a pleasant, peaceful stop where I was given a chance to sleep and recover from that oh-so pleasant flight. Most of my time there was spent wandering the town and parks, which is how the discovery of how to get from airport to town proper via walking would be made, and sleeping.

Honestly… not much else to say about the town. For lunch/dinner/meal I had a delicious little pastry and the place we were staying had quite the nice bar and restaurant. Other than that not much comes to mind. Lots of lil’ rabbits all over the place, tiny little guys, but I’d later discover that’s common in the UK. That’s about it.

Next day was onward to London, somewhat more aware a and awake than before.

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