Wait, Bath is the name of the city?

How to describe Bath? Hm.. Bath is a preening beauty; She stares into the mirror, smiling at herself triumphantly while completely assured in her own glory. She’s beautiful, stunning even, but let us be honest here, she’s also a bit of a bitch, not to mention high cost.

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m stomping down on Bath. Bath is a beautiful city, extremely beautiful. Indeed, even putting the famous Roman Baths aside, which is where I presume the town got its name from, it’s a gorgeous historic town with some extremely nice streets and avenues as well as nice parks and architecture. Indeed, the entire city is considered a World Heritage Site. It’s just, once you’ve wandered the city for a bit, seen the famous Roman Baths with its particularly disturbing green coloured water, and the houses with their Victorian style elegance, there ain’t much to do other than nearly get mugged by the locals in what you’d consider one of the more nerve-wracking experiences on your trip. Not that I’d hold that against this beautiful city, oh no, coulda happened anywhere. Only it didn’t, it only happened there, in Bath, where a buncha thugs scared the hell outta little ol’ me.

And lets be honest here, Bath is barely a city, it’s more of a town really. Oh, I know, it was ‘granted’ city status for some reason or another that’s probably very impressive. But honestly, it ain’t that big a place. Hell, I walked most of it in one day. The entire ‘city’ is like one big tourist trap… I’m getting mean arn’t I? I’ll stop.

To be completely fair, Bath is definitely worth visiting. The city really is gorgeous and full of history. The Roman Baths are well maintained and interesting and, other than the bustle of fellow tourists, feel like stepping into the past. Walking up the hillside, dotted on the sides by nice looking houses, you can enter a vast field from which a stunningly beautiful panoramic view of the city is opened up to you. Small bridges span the elaborate canal system which allows boats through the city drifting pleasantly. Street performers played in the streets, people laughing and enjoying themselves, it really is a beautiful place.

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